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Product Information

Broker DashBoard
The Broker Dashboard allows the Broker to effectively manage his or her Agents by getting a summary view of their activity and commission forecast by Agent and total. The probable commission dollars are computed based on the status of the opportunities related to the listings, and the probability % assigned to the various opportunity statuses.
An Agent can see a forecast of commission dollars related to his own listings, or he can see a forecast of commission dollars related to other Agents' listings that he is involved with.
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Listing & Buyer Management
Listing Management: As a Broker in charge of multiple Agents you want to be able to monitor activities related to your office's listings.
Listing Management: InfoPages allows you to drill down to all the various Agent listings and review all pertinent details, including financial information and details about the business.
Buyer Management: The Agents as well as the Broker can also review Buyer Activity related to a particular listing, by being able to see all buyers assigned to a particular listing. Buyers are assigned to listings by the Agent(s) who owns that buyer relationship. The buyers' contact info, as well as when they were contacted by the Agent who owns the relationship is shown.
Buyer Management: You can also capture activities (Notes, Actions, and Attachments) related to that particular buyer pertaining to the particular listing in question. In the example below, the buyer's signed Confidentiality Agreement is captured as a PDF document.
Buyer Management: Buyers' preferences and financial capabilities are captured to allow for intelligent searching of qualified buyers that fit the SDE and Purchase price range criteria.
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Commission Forecasting
The "Commission Forecast" is used to track revenue and potential revenue opportunities. Before going to the commission forecast an Opportunity (a potential sale) should be entered. The opportunity is assigned a "Status" (In Escrow, Due Diligence, etc.) with each status assigned a probability.
The sales forecast summarizes all opportunities by Agent, computes the probable dollar amount, and gives you a total picture of the potential Gross Commissions.
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Document/Activity Manager
The Document Manager allows you to securely capture documents, files and other content related to a specific Listing (Financials, business profiles, etc.), or related to a specific buyer of a business (NDA and Financial Profile info). Your authorized users have secure access to important files at any time, from anywhere using a web browser.

The Document Manager alleviates common business broker frustrations and allows you to quickly and easily:
  • Have all pertinent documentation related to a listing (Business Profile, Financials) at your fingertips
  • Keep track of Confidentiality Agreements signed by buyers
  • Have all pertinent legal documents (Purchase Agreements, Disclosures, etc.) linked to the business
Listing Documents: All documents pertaining to a particular listing can be captured as part of the listing screen. In addition, any actions or notes for that listing can be come part of that same record.
Buyer Documents: Buyers' personal profiles, Confidentiality Agreements, and any notes and actions pertaining to a particular listing can become part of the Buyer's record.
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Email/Mail Campaigns & Templates
Email Campaigns: Email Campaigns are a great way to reach out to specific groups of people, such as Buyers looking for businesses in a certain industry, or prospective Sellers. With Infopages you can utilize Email templates that can be used for bulk emails. Email templates can be in Text or HTML format.
Email Campaigns: You can utilize specific groupings of prospects (Focus Lists) to create emailing campaigns using the templates you created. Each prospect and subsequently each buyer are assigned to Focus Lists that designate their preferences of type of business they would pursue.
Mail Campaigns: You can utilize the system's mail merge capabilities, combined with various Focus Lists to target a letter or postcard campaign to specific buyer or seller prospects.
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Online Calendar & Group Scheduling
The Online Calendar allows you to keep track of your business and personal appointments, group meetings, events, and company-wide functions. Now it is easy to stay on top of everything you need to do, while keeping you in sync with your Agent team and multiple broker offices. Even your remote Agents can stay connected and be as up to date as if they're right in the same office.

The Online Calendar alleviates common scheduling frustrations and allows you to quickly and easily:
  • Schedule meetings, events, and appointments
  • Share your calendar with colleagues who need to know your schedule, while maintaining the privacy of your personal appointments and events
  • Sync your calendar appointments with Palm® handheld or Microsoft Outlook® Synchronization so your schedule is available from anywhere at any time.
  • Access your calendar information from anywhere in the world with just a web browser and an Internet connection
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Manage Your Contacts... Mine Your Data... Grow Your Revenues!
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