Manage Your Contacts... Mine Your Data... Grow Your Revenues!
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Features & Benefits

InfoPages for Business Intermediaries is an easy-to-use, internet-based Contact and Document Management System, with centralized data on a single database server. It has been adapted to serve the needs of business intermediary organizations.

Feature Benefit
Simple, Easy-to-Use, Web-based System InfoPages is entirely web-based. You can access your customer information anywhere you have a browser. And the screens are all simple and easy to use.
Powerful Search You can search for companies or contacts by name, city, annual sales, category and more. You can even save your search criteria for later use.
Email Integration InfoPages integrates with your email system, so you can quickly send emails, to a single contact, or bulk emails to a focus group.
PDA Integration You can download all your customer data to your PDA, so phone numbers and addresses are always on hand.
Calendar Schedule appointments, invite other attendees, check availability and more.
Action List Keep track of all your interactions with customers, or as a Broker, monitor what your Agents are doing. Schedule follow up calls, actions or more, with daily reminders.
Rich Reports Print out contact and company lists, listing activity reports, and much more
Initiatives Keep track of initiatives, such as targeted listing drives, events, and more.
Driving Directions InfoPages gives one-click access to, so you get driving directions and maps without having to re-input addresses.
Corporate Financials Access public information on the internet about corporations in your database, with a single click. Links include MSN-Money, Hoovers, InfoUSA, and Harris Infosource.
Unlimited Contact Categories No need for "User Defined Fields" to classify your contacts. With InfoPages, you have unlimited ways to group your contacts using "Focus Lists". For instance you can create a focus list called "Gas Station Buyers", and add contacts to the list. Or another list called "Mid-market manufacturers". Companies and contacts can be part of more than one focus list, and you can mine these "overlaps" to uncover opportunity.
Opportunity Management Automatically roll-up Commision forecasts, using the sales pipeline and forecasting tool.
Attach Documents and Files InfoPages lets you attach any file of your choice to any contact or company. This could be a word document, such as a profile, or an image, audio file, or more.
Integration with Outlook InfoPages seamlessly integrates to Outlook, so you can access contact information while staying within your Outlook environment.

Manage Your Contacts... Mine Your Data... Grow Your Revenues!
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